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Youth Field Hockey (#310)

Rec & Parks Council

Catonsville Field Hockey is a recreational field hockey program for girls in grades K through 8.  We play in the Maryland Youth Field Hockey League, and the season runs September through the end of October. All games will be played on Sundays with a possible Saturday tournament. Practice for Clinic teams will be held Sunday evenings. All other levels will have one or two days a week practice.

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Council Board members and contact information.  Additional information on program leaders as well. Meeting Minutes can be found here from the current year.

For more information and to register, visit the Field Hockey website.

Registration Dates and Times:

April 1 to July 16, 2021

Catonsville Field Hockey Play Sessions August - October 2021

Participant Cost:

Levels/ Dates/ Fees - Levels are based on school year, not age

CLINIC - Grades K-2 - open April 1st - August 15th: $100.00
Grades 3/4 - open April 1st - July 16th: $120.00
Grades 5/6 - open April 1st - July 16th: $120.00
Grades 7/8 - open April 1st - July 16th: $120.00
9th Grade* - open April 1st - August 25th: $120.00 

$10 discount per sibling sign up.

There will be a $25 fee assessed after July 16th for all levels except clinic and 9th grade*.

*only players who do not make their high school team, or if field hockey is not a sport at their high school can participate.