Council Board members and contact information.  Additional information on program leaders as well. Meeting Minutes can be found here from the current year.

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Rec & Parks Council

Did you know that all of our memembers and coaches are volunteers? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for Rec & Parks?  Here is your chance!


For all of our major seasonal programs, here are some hints on when and how to register so that your child doesn’t miss out (registration form at bottom of this page).

• Think a season ahead for registration and watch for the Newsletters in your child’s backpack or the Catonsville Times for notifications. These programs register early so that they know how many participants they will have and therefore have time to find the appropriate number of coaches and divide into teams, order uniforms, equipment and other supplies. In other words, the program volunteers need time to do all of those organizational details that make a program work.

• Try to come to the registration towards the beginning of the registration times rather than the end so that the program and you have time to complete the paperwork. Remember everyone is a volunteer and are donating their time so your children can benefit from these programs.

• Please register on the dates and times provided. Try not to miss the registration dates. If you can’t make it yourself, please send someone in your absence. The volunteers get overwhelmed with phone calls, even after the program is full. It is very difficult for them to get back to everyone. Remember, it may be only one phone call to you, but it could be dozens for them.

• Many of the larger programs require a copy of the new registrant’s birth certificate.If you are registering your child for the first time in a program, please remember to bring the birth certificate with you. Please remember that each program is run separately, so requirements for one may not be the same for another. Each program has its own requirements, and they are not easily shared.

• Special requests can be difficult to accommodate, so be mindful of that during registration.

• All checks are to be made payable to Catonsville Recreation & Parks Council.

• Catonsville Recreation Council Registration Form 

Registration Hints